Roderiga Inés Barradas

A beautiful sight, hexin' tonight, walking in a witchy wonderland


Witch: Seductive & Spooky
Hot 1 | Cold -1 | Volatile 0 | Dark 2


Sympathetic Tokens
Hex-Casting Wither
Hex-Casting Ring of Lies
Hex-Casting Binding
Hex-Casting Watching
Hex-Casting Illusions

Tokens & Strings

Colleen O Rabbit Skin
Judy O Monogrammed Underwear
Lucien O O Pulled Teeth
Morrigan O -
Brad O -


Hot Mess

Chosen as an infant by her grandmother and namesake, Roderiga was raised separately from the rest of her family (in fact, not even remembering her parent’s faces). Inés the elder began Roderiga’s tutelage almost immediately, through subtle lessons while cooking together, working in the garden, and telling stories rife with plant lore and saints. Roderiga learned to set a bone as well as divine the omens of day; to brew teas that healed, simmer stews to guide fate’s hand; and how to silence the tongues which caused pain. At only 16, some of her workings are more successful than others…


Although often the observer, Roderiga is noticed for her deep eyes and coy smile. When not helping her grandmother tend to private ails of Grey Cliff’s citizens, she’s often found entranced by a book or deep in her headphones, escaping into a myriad of alternative lives and potential futures for herself.


Class Schedule

1st Period U.S. History B+
2nd Period Spanish Easy A
3rd Period Biology B-
A. Lunch
4th Period Drama B-
5th Period Algebra II C-
6th Period American Literature A+

Contents of Locker

Nice Rocks
Overdue Library Books
Copius Crumpled Sheets of Paper
Hanging Bunch of Wildflowers
Unused Gym Clothes

Roderiga Inés Barradas

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