Monsterhearts: Grey Cliff

Ghoulish & Foolish

After her closest friend found her in her “unnatural” state, Morrigan fled—not because of shame, not because of some human idea of “embarrassment,” no… she feared being unable to stop herself from consuming him, her one friend.

In a blind rage, Morrigan again sought to enact revenge on the true monster, the one who made her. She hunted him, stalked him at the site of uncreation, and yet he anticipated her. He taunted her with her driving hunger, and despite her power, overpowered her.

How is this possible? How can Morrigan gain her well-deserved vengeance?

And now the bastard knows who her closest ally is. This too-young man who plays at death with his “goth” music and childish wants. How can she protect him? Especially now, when next he sees her, he may just reject her for the monster she is…